About Us

Bostech Mechanical was founded in 1994 near Moorefield Ontario. The company began with John Bosman, a part time assistant, one van and a shop on John Bosman’s farm. At that point Bostech installed conventional heating and cooling systems as well as Geothermal (sustainable energy). Geothermal has been on the market for over 40 years.  Prior to starting the company, John was a licensed refrigeration mechanic and gas fitter and was selling and installing geothermal systems for another company before he decided to start on his own.

John Bosman & Arnold Bosman

Arnold Bosman, General Manager (left) John Bosman, CEO, president (right)


After 8 years of installing geothermal it became apparent that geothermal systems were a perfect solution for heating and cooling in the Canadian climate which resulted in more sales and an exponential growth of Bostech. Around 2006 the company out grew the expanded shop in Moorefield and purchased a location in Listowel. Bostech has now more than doubled their business size to around 13,000 square feet, space that includes more efficient office area and a fully functional showroom. Currently we focus the majority of our attention on residential and commercial geothermal outfitting, but also do boilers, hydronic systems, & conventional heating and cooling. Since 1994 we have done over 2000 geothermal installations in south-western Ontario.

Bostech mechanical shop listowel ontario

As a family based business, we understand the importance of working together as a team.  A growing company can’t exist without employees that are flexible, have a capacity for lifelong learning and always striving to work better. Our company is accredited through the Canadian GeoExchange Coalition with certified geothermal installers and designers with knowledge and experience to back it up.

Bostech Mechanical crew Listowel Ontario


How do we work?
As qualified Geothermal Specialists, we can offer you expert installation and service. Our approach is to listen first to fully understand your current and future needs, making it simple to develop a practical and cost effective geothermal solution. We collect information from the customer and enter this into our specific geothermal software program to design the right size unit and ground loop. Based on the outcome we can give you free detailed estimate of the costs, so you have a good indication of what you are getting for your money. Our sales people come and visit you to give you a small presentation of geothermal, go through the design report, estimate, and installation process. Our motto has always been: “Give the customer good information to so that they can make an informed decision”.
After the "go ahead" we schedule in the installation and collect information which is relevant for the paperwork. Buying a geothermal system is not something you do every day. Bostech wants you to enjoy purchase of a geothermal system that meets your demands and keeps you comfortable all year round.

Our marketing strategy
Enjoy the experience of buying and using a Geothermal System through Bostech so you can share your experience with others. We have enjoyed working for customers that go out of their way to promote our company. They are so happy with way we do our business that they just can’t stop talking about it.
If you have any questions about geothermal in general or want to receive an estimate just contact us or drop by to see our showroom. Come join the many customers who have enjoyed the Bostech experience.